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As the preferred payment method for many customers who need to collect regular payments, your staff need to be knowledgeable about Direct Debit and comfortable answering any queries so they can provide the best service possible.

First Capital Cashflow’s Direct Debit training courses, delivered by our expert team will provide your staff with all the information they need to understand Direct Debit and provide a first-class service.

What does our Direct Debit Training course cover?

  • Best practice in dealing with Direct Debits
  • Up-to-date compliance advice
  • Guidance on getting the most out of your Bacs Direct Debits
  • How to increase payer uptake
  • Answers to commonly asked customer queries

Who is a Direct Debit Training course suitable for?

A First Capital Cashflow Direct Debit Training Course is suitable for people who are:

  • Setting up Direct Debits for the first time
  • Responsible for operating a Direct Debit service
  • Planning to become a paperless Direct Debit service user
  • Anyone experiencing high volumes of cancellations, indemnity claims or unpaid Direct Debits

How can I attend?

All materials for the course are provided by us and all participants will receive a certificate of attendance. If you are interested in attending one of our courses or would like to learn more about how we could help your business you can Contact Us or call us on 0344 826 6700.