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What is Paperless Direct Debit?

Paperless Direct Debit is a way of obtaining authority from a payer to collect Direct Debits from their account without the payer having to complete a paper Direct Debit Instruction. It allows you to sign up payers in a variety of ways: verbally via telephone, In person, or online via your own website through a hosted page or a custom-branded payment page

The advantages of Paperless Direct Debit

  • Easier for your customers: simpler and less time consuming, encouraging more to sign up to your Direct Debit platform
  • Today, many people prefer to pay for services online
  • Available 24/7
  • Reduce Costs: Eliminate postage costs and paper usage
  • Reduce Administration: you are no longer required to input data from numerous forms to sign people up
  • Improve accuracy: mistakes made attempting to decipher poor handwriting will be eliminated and all bank details will be checked in real-time

How First Capital Cashflow can help you

The steps to full implementation of Paperless Direct Debit can often be complex for businesses. Our Direct Debit consultants have the ability to complete all paperwork and guide you through the Paperless implementation process step-by-step, ensuring a painless, seamless transition for your business.

We will:

To discuss our Paperless Direct Debit implementation services you can call us on 03448266700 or contact us here.