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A pioneer of security in the Bacs sector

When First Capital Cashflow was established 15 years ago, our priority was to provide unrivalled security for our clients.

As the first cloud-only service provider in the Bacs sector, our solutions offer you safe ways to process payments simply and securely.

First Capital Cashflow can provide you with peace of mind as our payment solutions incorporate a vast range of security measures covering a range of eventualities.

We fully comply with the official Bacs scheme rules and are one of the few UK payment Bureaus to be regulated and receive accreditation as an Authorised Payment Institution from the Financial Conduct Authority.

Unrivalled, iron-clad security

Our web based portal is hosted on private secure servers based in the UK and protected by Verisign SSL certificates.

Every user is allocated their own login credentials, and we provide a full audit trail of all user activity for further peace of mind. This prevents fraud by removing the risk of data tampering and unauthorised user access control.

How we safeguard your accounts and payments

We provide our clients with the ultimate level of protection for the most sensitive data and information systems. Offering a wide range of infrastructure elements including:


  VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)

  Dedicated VPNs

  VLANs (An isolated broadcast domain which segments your network)



 HTTPS webservice encrypts all information communicated between a browser and our portal)

 A number of bespoke configurations specifically requested by clients

Exceptional Security

We understand that the data provided to us by our clients is highly sensitive, so we handle it with the care it demands.

We have a full range of industry-leading security measures, including:

All bank details are encrypted

We communicate only over secure channels

Penetration testing (regular assessment of our systems by ethical hackers)

Database encryption

Multiple resilient hosting centres

Full Disaster Recovery


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