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Do you have a contingency plan in place for your Direct Debit processing?

For any business processing Bacs payments, having a contingency plan in place is essential to the whole payment process as recommended by Bacs:

Emergency Processing

Failure to collect Direct Debit payments or pay suppliers and staff can be catastrophic for any business.

Staff holidays, sickness, locked smartcards, software failure or even natural disasters could suddenly and unexpectedly disrupt your cash flow.

You need to ensure that cash keeps flowing and remove the prospect of panic if the worst-case scenario happens.

In the event of an emergency process or as part of a longer term contingency plan, your Service User Number (SUN) would be linked to the First Capital Cashflow Bureau number

A longer-term contingency plan

If you have become dissatisfied with the contingency measures you currently have or don’t currently have a plan for unforeseen situations, then you should consider having a First Capital Cashflow contingency plan in place.

All of our payment solutions come with a built-in contingency plan, and even if you don’t use us to manage your Direct Debits, you can still take advantage of First Capital Cashflow’s iron clad contingency and emergency processing measures.

First Capital Cashflow’s contingency measures include:

 Multiple internet providers
 Resilient databases
 Regular full and incremental backups
 Multiple offsite Data Centres
 Reassurance that you will receive your funds on time, every time

Once you have your contingency plan in place with First Capital Cashflow, we can process all Bacs transactions on your behalf for as long as you require us to.

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At First Capital Cashflow we understand how difficult it can be when something goes wrong, which is why our expert team are happy to provide a FREE contingency plan for your business, giving you the peace of mind you need should the worst happen. 

To arrange a free contingency plan please call us on 0344 826 6700 or Contact Us.