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Bank Account Validation

Bank account validation is a standard feature of all of our Direct Debit collection and management services, but we also offer this function as a secure stand-alone web service.

Guarantee Your Data

Ensuring that you have the correct bank details for your customers is a crucial element of collecting both Direct Debit and Direct Credit smoothly and efficiently. When these details are inaccurate, correcting the errors manually can cost huge amounts of time and money.

Bank account list validation from First Capital Cashflow guarantees the authenticity and accuracy of your data, validating the information you have been given against the most recent Enhanced Industry Sort Code Database (EISCD).

Our services will:

  • Ensure you have fewer failed Direct Debits
  • Check that the sort code exists at the point of capture
  • Ensure the account number provided correlates to the sort code
  • Give details of the payment methods supported by the validated account, such as Direct Debit, Bacs and Faster Payments

To discuss Bank Account Validation in further detail please contact us here or fill in our enquiry form here or call us on 0344 826 6700.