Not-for-profit Sector

A National Charity

“We have found the team at First Capital Cashflow to be very helpful. As a charity we especially value the ‘personal service approach’. We have hundreds of small donors who would be difficult and costly to administer without utilising the FCC Direct Debit service. Changing our payment method to the Direct Debit system has made a huge difference to our cash flow and financial forecasting. The whole experience has had a really positive effect on our charity.”

Dons Trust Charity Badge

“The service provided by FCC is second to none, from setting up new Direct Debit Instructions to receiving the funds the whole process is problem-free. As a membership club and registered charity we like to work online and via email with our members to ease the burden of administration as we are all volunteers. With FCC there is rarely the need to contact them, we can manage the whole process online ourselves but if we ever get stuck or need advice it’s reassuring to know there is always someone on the end of a phone to assist should we need it. We would highly recommend FCC to any sports club or charity looking to streamline and improve the efficiency of the collection process. Since utilising the FCC Direct Debit service our finances have never been in such a healthy position. We now collect membership subs, season ticket fees and monthly lottery fees in a hassle-free way and are able to plan our financial future with more certainty.”

Neil Messenbird, Dons Draw Administrator

Freddie Farmer Foundation Logo

“We are a small charity who was looking for an easy way for our supporters to donate monthly. First Capital Cashflow supported us through setting up the facility every step of the way. I found the staff to be very friendly and helpful.

Karen Smith, Charity Officer

Public Sector

Coventry City Council Logo

“FCC’s support and expertise proved invaluable through a seamless system migration. The technical and security knowledge FCC encompasses and applies is well suited to the demands of public sector Bacs processing. Moreover, service delivery has been flawless.”

Christian Davies, ICT Projects Manager

Newtown Abbey Council

“As a Council we are always trying to get the best value possible and outsourcing the Processing of our direct debit and direct credit is more cost and resource effective than doing it ourselves. First Capital Cashflow will offer a cost-effective solution to our needs.  Also they use a paperless  environment as much as possible, cutting down on postage costs.”

Caroline Douglas, Business Support Manager

Health Sector

Centre for Dentistry Logo

“With ever-increasing numbers of Patients wishing to join our Annual Dental Plan, we needed a solution that was scalable, reliable and that could be integrated seamlessly into our existing in-house systems.

Having considered many of the alternatives, we went with First Capital because their well-documented and very capable API, along with their online reporting and account management portal, made them a natural partner for us. Integration was extremely simple and hassle-free given the complexity of the systems we were connecting, and we were quickly able to deploy the new setup and offer our various Plan options and payment frequencies to our Patients with minimal fuss.

Working with First Capital allows us to offer our Patients a secure, reliable regular payment method and we are confident that, as our needs and challenges evolve and grow over the coming years, First Capital will be able to evolve with us and continue to provide their excellent support”.

David Harman, Director

Institute of Healthcare Management Logo

“During our company’s recent acquisition of a membership organisation where large revenues were collected from members by direct debit, we needed to find a direct debit collection solution very rapidly.

We were introduced to First Capital Cashflow by our bankers, Metro Bank, and it was quickly obvious that both our company and the members would be very well looked after. First Capital Cashflow honoured every promise and timescale that they made and this was instrumental in our successfully completing the acquisition on time. Furthermore, their attention to detail and the ease with which they could be contacted during the process both reassured us and ensured that there were no mistakes. We would recommend FCC to any business looking for a Debit Debit collection solution.”

Jon Wilks, Director

Jaysons Opticians Logo

“The thought of moving to an electronic Direct Debit system was quite daunting. First Capital Cashflow were great – they simplified the entire process, offering guidance and assistance ensuring a swift and pain-free migration.

Since moving to an electronic Direct Debit process, we have seen a remarkable improvement in processing times and it is now much easier to identify and act upon errors and react quickly to unpaid Direct Debits. We have also made significant resource savings, which has prompted me to convert other aspects of our business to paperless”.

Kamlesh Lakhani, Owner

National Eyecare Group Logo

“When we decided to launch a direct debit collection service it was important that we worked with a highly professional company, who understood our needs and the needs of our clients. First Capital Cashflow is that company and stood head and shoulders above the rest. They offer not only a technically advanced solution at an affordable price, but back it up with a fantastic friendly, personal service. They deliver what you need, when you need it, in the way you need it. I would recommend FCC to anyone looking to offer direct debits.”

Phil Mullins, Director

Financial Service Sector

ABC/JR Accountancy London

“Introducing a Direct Debit facility has been a huge development for our company. From admin and accounting aspects, to just always keeping us updated, First Capital Cashflow has made our whole experience with implementing this service extremely easy. From our first point of contact, they displayed excellent customer service skills, and have continued to do so… They have even introduced a client referral scheme, which provide great incentives for new client recommendations!”

Calita Gordon, Accountants Administrator

Zympay Logo

“First Capital Cashflow’s solution has transformed how we can deliver a seamless and trusted payment collection service for our Institutional partners. The proactive approach to solution delivery and management will enable us to scale and widen our services to our Global Institutional clients”.

Dakshesh Patel, Chairman and CEO

Debt Recovery

SLL Capital Debt Recovery Logo

“We moved from our provider to process all Direct Debits through First Capital Cashflow. The help required on transferring all the current Direct Debits to First Capital Cashflow was seamless with the help of the integration team.  The service provided with longer term arrangements being set up, has brought savings and ease of use to our Direct Debit team. Support has been exceptional not just with telephoning the support line, but also through the log in portal which is development at its best.”

Nigel Bryant, Director

Franchise Sector

The Best Of Logo

“We’ve used First Capital Cashflow for over 10 years now and have always found their system to be seamless and faultless. I’ve often called their friendly and helpful client services team for assistance and direction and they have been simply spot on with everything. The efficient processing of our payments is a critical factor in running our business, and First Capital Cashflow’s handling of this process has been second to none”.

Andrew Marsh, Owner The Best Of Wimbledon

Connect Childcare Logo The Village Nursery Logo

“First Capital Cashflow offered a simple to use solution that directly integrates with our existing management system, meaning time is saved each month by avoiding time spent on account reconciliation of a separate / standalone DD system.

Having our DDs integrated automatically as part of the FCC offering, guarantees us quick and accurate management of our Direct Debits and supporting financial information; because of this I would recommend FCC to anyone else considering using them within the Nursery sector.”

Matt Morrison, Business & Project Director

Maid 2 Clean logo

“Using First Capital has made the collection of client’s funds so much easier, both for us and for the clients.  Clients expect us to have direct debits and I feel we look more professional by having them.  I am always kept informed immediately that any change is made to the payment by the client, including cancelled payments.  With a standing order I would only know if this had happened when the money failed to arrive, so time was spent chasing clients in arrears.  Whilst I appreciate there is a cost involved with this method, it certainly ensures I receive funds quicker.”

Kathy Sims, Owner Maid2Clean Bristol

Right At Home Home Care and Assistance Logo

“Previously we were faced with the challenges of late payments, collecting fees and routine invoicing of varying amounts. The First Capital Cashflow solution automates the entire payment collection process. This is because their Direct Debit collection system allows us to collect our customers’ payments when they fall due. This benefits the financial status of our franchise allowing us to improve our cash flow forecast and streamline our administration”.

Peter Flannery, Owner Right at Home Colchester and District

IT/Telecoms Sector

Virtual Receptionist Logo

“We have found the team at First Capital Cashflow very helpful; as a small business, we especially value the ‘personal service approach’. We have hundreds of small clients who generally appear to be the worst payers. Changing our payment method to the Direct Debit system has made a huge difference to our cash flow and credit control. The whole experience has had a really positive effect on our business.”

Gillie Scherr, Managing Director

A National call centre

“First Capital Cashflow offered us the opportunity to collect by Direct Debit and therefore substantially reduce the amount of time to settle debts. A knock-on effect of Direct Debit collection was that management time spent chasing late payments was eliminated for most of our clients. The ‘Collect’ service has stopped us needing to chase clients, as First Capital Cashflow does this for us”.

Energy Sector


“First Capital Cashflow have managed our Direct Debit collections for several years. We’ve always been very impressed by their technical expertise and the support of the client service team, who are always on hand to assist with any queries we have. When Rose Gas asked us how we set up our Direct Debit system, we didn’t hesitate to recommend First Capital Cashflow’s fully managed solution. To win the prize in the client referral scheme was a bonus!”

Julie Ardis, Director


“Fantastic Service – we would fully recommend First Capital Cashflow. Our Account Manager’s quick same day replies were great. From day one, First Capital Cashflow has offered a transparent service, all the relevant information was given ahead of the go-live date, with clear instructions given throughout. It’s just what we wanted”.

Matthew Ford, Owner

Sports Club Sector

“First Capital Cashflow (FCC) were recommended to us by our bank and have provided us with a seamless service that has easily integrated with all our current processes, including Ticketmaster.

“Without the support of FCC, we would not have been able to gain access into the Bacs Direct Debit Scheme. The introduction of Direct Debit has been very well received amongst QPR’s fans as it allows members to spread the cost of membership across a period of time, without incurring interest charges.

“Since implementing Direct Debit, we have seen a 40% increase in the number of season tickets purchased through Direct Debit versus our old finance option, which is outstanding and something we couldn’t have done without the help of FCC.”

Euan Inglis, Commercial Director

Hampstead Rugby Club Logo

“First Capital Cashflow has made this all a lot easier. More people than ever before are paying electronically and the money comes in on a regular schedule with a convenient summary report. We’re using the service to collect money for our Tour as well, which makes it easy for people to pay monthly instalments and for me to keep track as they come in. It’s our first season managing things this way, but it’s already making a huge difference, both to the club finances and to my job as Treasurer”.

Mark Paskowitz, Treasurer


Pets Corner

“We first used First Capital Cashflow on the recommendation of our bank in an emergency situation – they helped us to quickly and efficiently process staff wages by Direct Credit when we became locked out of a smartcard. Their expertise and professionalism was invaluable in what was a stressful time. 

 “We were so satisfied with the secure and reliable service they provided that we have continued to use First Capital’s Direct Credit service to process staff wages each month. They give us confidence that wages will always be paid on time, and their system integrated easily with our existing in-house processes.”

Iain Dougal, Financial Director Logo

“First Capital Cashflow thoroughly supported us throughout the entire migration process – ensuring a seamless and smooth transition to an electronic Direct Debit system. Moving away from a paper  process has brought a number of efficiencies, including quicker turnaround times, significant reduction to the number of  incorrectly completed bank details, less processing errors and massive cost and time savings because we no longer have to send paper mandates to the bank.”

Allison, Accounts Department




“Working within a business where customer transactions happen frequently and though many different methods/portals. FCC have proven to be invaluable partners. The link they provide between our payment gateways and our bank saves me massive amounts of time and stress! When you consider how easily you can get friendly, accurate advice too, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend FCC to anyone!”

James Brassey, Supply Chain & IT Manager