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Following on from our Beginners’ Guide to Direct Debit, this advanced guide will give you a much wider knowledge of the world of Direct Debits. If you’re looking to understand more behind the process of Direct Debit, this guide will go further into detail on how Direct Debit works and discuss the more advanced aspects of the service which typical service users will not be aware of.
Author: FCC
9th May 2017
This guide has been created to give people new to the world of Direct Debit all of the information they will require to gain a grounded knowledge of the system. It will talk you through what a Direct Debit is, how they work, and, most importantly, how Direct Debits can benefit your business.
Author: FCC
28th April 2017
A Service User Number (SUN) is a unique identifier for organisations who collect payment by Direct Debit. As such, having a SUN is a requirement for any business who wishes to begin collecting via Direct Debit.
Author: FCC
16th March 2017